Cloud Translation and Encoding

Video encoding is a process that converts a video file from one format to another. In streaming cases, an encoder takes the original video files from the camera and turns them into digital video files.

The original video files are hefty because they contain every single frame that was shot, including duplicates. Because of this, free storage reduces, rendering times increase, and the files are harder to transport. The encoder discards obsolete frames to create a streamable digital video file.

Cloud-based encoding means that your videos are encoded from virtually anywhere on the globe without additional processing time.

We can acquire files from your storage location (AWS, Azure, Google Drive, DropBox, FTP), process them, and upload them back to you, finally sending an automated message, ”completed files ready for broadcast.” 

Whether you need a few movies or 100,000 podcasts processed, Tongues Translations Services can process any amount of media using our cloud-based translation encoding platform. Naturally, we can translate your content once encoded into any of our 230+ languages via text or speech. With our combined years of cloud-based encoding experience and specialized solutions, we help you reach your global target audience.

This service is brought to you by Tongues Translation Services LLC. AIC Ghana is the exclusive representative for Tongues Translations Services LLC in Ghana.