VoIP & Internet Telephony

AIC offers Advanced VoIP Private Hosted Solutions with Intelligent Incoming Call Routing.  Our voice services help businesses 1control costs with flat-fees, bundled solutions and flexible usage-based billing, 2keep employees and customers connected with reliable voice, anywhere, 3support multiple devices at multiple locations – office, home or on the go, 3combine voice and data onto one network, 4support conferencing and collaboration with internal teams and clients. AIC VoIP supports:

Local DID Number

We issue our clients with business or personal DID numbers without the POTS installation delays. Clients can have numbers DID numbers allocated to their head office and branch offices immediately.

Extensions and Groups Individual extensions, Groups, ACD group

Employees and departments or teams can be set up with their own extensions,  with queue and announcements, whether in one office, multiple building floors, or remote branch office, both locally and internationally, including individuals that work outside the office or at home. Another additional feature is individual Mailboxes and Multi-Level Auto Attendant.