Enterprise and Commercial Mobile Apps

Because all your clients have mobile phones, mobile apps have become an inevitable tool to drive sales, customer experiences and information delivery and gathering.

At AIC, we believe that Mobile Apps are necessary to fully realize the benefits of digital technology. We believe that Sales, Customer Satisfaction and Information are critical to the success of your business. In South Africa, over 17.7 million make use of mobile apps or access the internet via their smartphones. Digitisation and mobile access are already changing the South African entertainment and media market.

Key Features of Our Mobiles Apps

AIC develops mobile applications that bring businesses and service providers closer to the clients, which 1provide reliability & consistent performance, 2have security of enterprise data used or accessed by customers, 3provide a positive user experience, 4provide access to real-time data from or to the cloud, 5undergo a comprehensive testing program, 6are optimised for use across multiple mobile form factors, 7receive regular updates to functionality, 8gather ongoing feedback from users, 9are accessibile through regular app stores online, but also 10provide secure offline accessibility and functionality.