Text-Based Media Support

As with any project, the file type that may be required can change based on your requirements. Here are a few formats that we deliver our projects to you in and their properties:

Plain Text Files (.txt) are the most versatile and basic file format. Nearly all software packages can read and write text files. Plain Text files are transportable across different computer platforms. They are easy to view and modify. Plus, the text data flawlessly imports into your website or specific word processing templates.

Word or PDF Document

Transcripts are delivered to you in a Word or PDF format of your choice.


An XML file is an extensible markup language file for structuring data for storage and transport. We can also export your projects for programs such as Adobe Premiere, Audition, and Final Cut Pro 7. This file format includes the internal timecode of the video or audio.

Caption Formats

SRT, SCC, and WebVTT are the primary formats we use, but we can read or export to over 200 caption formats.

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